Level Up Official Teenager Cake


7 inch x 4 inch high buttercream cake decorated with Belgium chocolate spheres, chocolate macarons, fondant stars and banner and a matching “Happy Birthday” acrylic topper.

Once you have placed your order, we will contact you to confirm your personalised options.

Select from a choice of cake base flavours including vanilla sponge, chocolate sponge, chocolate mud, white chocolate mud, red velvet, and matcha. Fruit , Musang King Durian and Taro Paste fillings are optional.

The number of servings varies depending on the size of your slices. Here is guide for number of servings. We will also send you a cutting guide once you have confirmed your order.

For 7 inch round (4″ high) cake you can get:

32 serves – size 1×1″

17 serves – size 1×2″

12 serves – size 1.5×2″

8 serves – size 2×2″

For any other customisation on this cake please contact us by email

Additional Information
Cake flavour

Chocolate mud, Chocolate sponge, Matcha sponge, Red Velvet, vanilla sponge, Vanilla sponge with fruit filling, Vanilla sponge with Musang King Durian filling, Vanilla sponge with taro paste filling, White Chocolate Mud